Guía para instalar Asterisk en otros sistemas operativos

He estado encontrando últimamente unas guías bastante curiosas con los comandos necesarios para instalar Asterisk en distintos sistemas operativos:

Instalar Asterisk en FreeBSD

Instalar Asterisk en Debian Etch

Instalar Asterisk en OpenBSD

Instalar Asterisk en OpenWrt

Este es un artículo original escrito por Elio Rojano.
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  • Dear Elio,
    sorry for posting in English my Spanish skills are ugly 🙂

    Thank you very much for linking my Asterisk articles here:

    I really like your blogs, you are really good at finding info on Asterisk, congratulations, and even the site domain name is cool! 🙂
    And so i’ve blogrolled your on my blogs:
    [ you see? I’m double languaged too! 🙂 ]

    Btw, here you will find another translation:
    soon i’ll translate also the OpenBSD one.
    Also soon i’ll post an Asterisk installation guide on Solaris 10.

    Keep going on the great work, i wish you all the best, have a good day!


    [ I could not find your email, (check the ‘contactar’ link), this comment is somehow personal, consider deleting it 🙂 ]



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