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Elastix 0.9 final version released!

ElastixAcaban de publicar la versión 0.9 final version de la distribución Elastix con los siguientes cambios con respecto a la 0.8:

  • First edition of User Manual!
  • FreePBX 2.3.1 with un-embedded option
  • Asterisk 1.4.13
  • Unicall support
  • MFC-R2 signaling support
  • OpenVox device support including A800 and A1200 cards
  • New beta version of driver installer for Rhino cards
  • OSLEC echo canceller included and manageable from Web interfase
  • mISDN upgraded to 1.1.6. New supported hardware such as BRI OpenVox cards
  • New package updating module
  • OpenFire admin interface included on the Web
  • Backup/Restore improvements to store historical backups in Elastix itself
  • New hardware detection tool via Web
  • RPM reorganization to avoid Elastix upgrade issues
  • Serbian language support
  • Elastix version number is now visible on the web interface
  • Updated online help
  • Web interface menus have been reorganized
  • Development packages are now included to aid software development
  • Added ‘database’ authentication type in freePBX
  • vTigerCRM is now entirely installed
  • Incorrect php-pcntl module removed
  • Fixed bug in PBX->System Recordings
  • Fixed warnings in the amportal script
  • Last minute patch to support OpenVox B200P
  • Wrong php-pcntl package removed
  • Message Of The Day (MOTD) updated to include instructions on settting up a static network interface if DHCP is not present
  • Openfire wrapper fixes to launch the service from the Web Interface
  • Added patch fixing Music-on-hold problem with Unicall
  • Added patch to fix a bug on the Elastix Web interface regarding the freePBX MOH module
  • Many bug fixes

La verdad es que estos chicos se lo están currando.

Más información: http://www.elastix.org/

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