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Asterisk 1.2.19 y 1.4.5 released!

«There has been a very large number of bugs fixed since the last release,
including crashes and other critical issues.  There were 244 commits to
the 1.4 source tree and 74 commits to the 1.2 source tree since the last
set of releases.  Also, keep in mind that the release branches are only
changed to fix problems.  In the same time frame, the development tree
had 439 commits.  There is a ChangeLog available in the tarball of each
release with a complete list of changes.

Keep in mind that the date for moving the 1.2 release series to security
fix maintenance only will be coming within the next couple of months.
We strongly encourage everyone to migrate to Asterisk 1.4.  Don’t forget
to read the UPGRADE.txt file in 1.4 for important information regarding
upgrading from 1.2.»

Pues a probarlo se ha dicho…

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