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AstriDevCon USA 2007: Objetivo Asterisk 1.6

Ya os comenté hace un par de semanas acerca de unos comentarios de Kevin P. Flemming sobre lo que sería la próxima versión de Asterisk.

Hoy, leyendo la lista de cambios del repositorio, he encontrado un archivo de texto con las ideas que se han preparado para la AstDevCon USA 2007. Muy interesante por cierto.

Pese a todo, hay también algunas cosas para Asterisk 1.4, no obstante la gente está bastante ilusionada con la nueva versión por la cantidad de cambios y mejoras que tienen en mente hacer.

– IAX2 standardization, extension and implementation improvements
– RFC review
– IPv6
– UTF support ( a general Asterisk issue, not really only IAX2 /oej)
– Video
– Asterisk implementation
– Presence
– Encryption review

Who heads SIG meeting?
– Multimedia (video, IM, presence)
– Videobranch
– codecs
– Wideband

– Security (both inside Asterisk and at the network level)
– Advisories
– Network

– Internationalization
– UTF 8 extension
– UTF 8 caller iD’s
– See http://edvina.net/asterisk/alphanumericextensions.pdf (may 95, Johansson & Madsen)

– Clustering (both for performance and redundancy/failover)

– New bridge mechanism for 1.6

– Realtime ng – new models

– AMI futures
– Purposed protocol changes?
– Access restrictions

– IPv6 changes that affect the general code
– Marc Blanchet’s branch review
– Please read http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk/team/blanchet/v6/README-IPV6.txt?rev=60899

– Introduction to new API’s in the core
– Thread/channel storage
– Dynamic string api
– Device state providers
– Event system
– Dialing API
– ??? Can’t read

– Messaging and presence
– We discussed this in Pisa, but have made no progress since
– Channels with only text media – how do we set them up and handle them
– MSRP, anyone?

– Voice Mail Rewrite
– Modularized Voice Mail Framework
– Voice Mail Storage (file system, odbc, mysql)

– Introduction to the Asterisk Advisory Council
– What happens?

– PGP key signing

Special Interest Groups – ASTRISIGS
Meetings in small groups to cover one topic, in the afternoon – probably in the atrium outside of the
lab room

– Asterisk SIP Sig
Headed by OEJ

– Asterisk Gtalk/jabber SIG
Headed by oej & Philippe Sultan

– AMI hackers meeting
– Purposed protocol changes?
– Access restrictions

– SNMP hacker’s meeting

– ODBC designer’s meeting (res_odbc, func_odbc, cdr_odbc, cdr_adaptive_odbc, etc.)
– i.e. possible multirow func_odbc
See jsmith, Corydon76 (tilghman), and twilson

– Fax lover’s
– T.38 cross channel
– realtime fax

– Voicemail NG
– generic storage API
‘ Mark

– Queue

– Your topic here

Short talks

– Jabber, Peter
– SNMP, Jeff
– IPv6, Marc
– Adhearsion/ruby, Jay/Dave Troy
– IAX2 and video, Steve Kann
– Event system, Russell
– Audio/Web, Tim/Stephen
– Solaris, Stephen
– SQLite, Sokol

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