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Asterisk 1.4.1, 1.2.16 y Zaptel 1.2.15 Released!

AsteriskNo solo ha salido la versión 1.4.1, si no que también nos sorprenden con estas nuevas versiones:

The Asterisk and Zaptel development teams have released:

New Asterisk 1.4.1.

This release contains a very large number of bug fixes, including a fix
for the recently discovered security vulnerability.

It also contains a complete rewrite of the Shared Line Appearance (SLA)
support that was first released as part of Asterisk 1.4.0. The new
version of this functionality has been tested against a variety of
phones and provides much more flexibility and configurability (along
with actually working properly in most scenarios, which the original
implementation failed to do). Users who are interested in SLA
functionality should update to this version and try it out; we welcome
bug reports and test reports.

Because of the security vulnerability fix present in this version, all
users of Asterisk 1.4 are urged to update as soon as they can schedule it.

New Asterisk 1.2.16:
This release contains a number of bug fixes, including a fix for a
recently discovered security vulnerability. All Asterisk 1.2 users are
urged to update to this release as soon as possible.

New Zaptel 1.2.15:
This release contains a significant Astribank (XPP) driver update,
support for Digium’s TE120P card, and various bug fixes.
Thanks for your support of Asterisk and Zaptel!

Ahora sí que me voy a dormir… 😛

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