Asterisk 1.4.0 beta 4

Asterisk LogoAcaba de ver la luz la última beta (beta4) de Asterisk 1.4.

Sigue siendo beta, una lástima, pero cuenta con los siguientes cambios:

– a bug fix for the ExternalIVR application and addition of ‘silence’
sound files to support it
– various SIP interoperability improvements
– memory and dialog leaks in the SIP channel driver
– a fix to music-on-hold random mode that was not really random
– an improvement to app_voicemail to ensure that the message duration is
properly included in email notifications when voicemail messages are
– corrected a segfault issue during reload of the PostgreSQL CDR driver
– a change to no longer include a header file that does not exist on
Linux kernel 2.6.18 (and caused a problem on Fedora Core 6)
– logging of dynamic queue member addition and removal in queue_log
– a minor redesign of many CLI commands to be more similar to previous
Asterisk releases
– significant improvements to IMAP storage support for voicemail
– a change to the SIP channel to avoid offering formats (codecs) that
cannot be transcoded due to lack of available transcoders (along with
dynamic activation/deactivation of transcoders)
– support for G.722 16KHz (wideband) audio passthrough, recording and
– support for standard prompts in G.722 format
– many other bug fixes

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